Alex Etchart

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Group Workshops:
Campaign work - Direct Action, Visioning, Consensus Decision Making and Anti-Hierarchical Organising, Meeting Facilitation, Workshop Facilitation and Design
Community Wellbeing - Trust Building, Non-Violent Communication, Group Mediation, Trauma Support
Music - Choirs, Guitar Circles, Drum Circles, Applied Music Theory, Singing Meditation
Theatre work - Inner Child Reconnection, Forum Theatre, Performance Skills
Other - English lessons for all levels and advanced specific language sets

One-on-One Mentorship:
General - Performance Skills, Poetry and Spoken Word, English/Spanish Speaking
Music - Vocals, Guitar, Venezuelan Cuatro, Andean Charango, Songwriting
Workshop Consulting - Turn your speeches/lectures into an interactive workshop, improving the effectiveness of an existing workshop, tailoring your work for a different target group e.g. children/teenagers etc.

Other Services:
Speech Editing - increasing impact, connecting with audiences emotionally, tailoring for harder-to-reach audiences - including real-time skype/gdocs consultation
Translation - Between English and Spanish of content in all styles

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Current Projects:

An Opera created and performed by Sex Workers and their friends

Theatre Reportage working alongside actors living war, occupation, oppression in the Middle East

Latin American Indigenous Cultural Expression through theatre music and dance