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Alex Etchart

Arts Action
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Solo Music

"Alex Etchart is a community musician, folk singer, poet, activist, clown, drama teacher, workshop facilitator and all-round decent human being. Alex has been involved with and inspired by Occupy London, Friern Barnet library and Balcombe anti-fracking Community Camp. Taking a page from folk singers from Woody Guthrie to David Rovics, Alex' poetry is urgent and unapolagetically critical of the world as we know it, and unflinching in its call to unfuck-it-up, with a solid dose of heart and humour."
Steph Dogfoot Chan - Singaporean National Slam Poetry Champion


"The workshop introduced the basic principles in a really clear, fun and engaging way, allowing the students to develop their own ideas but also providing a clear framework for them and making sure that everyone was able to participate. The students seemed to really engage with the idea and were able to see how they could apply it practically in the future."
Joel Sharples, Coordinator at Envision - UK Charity for Youth Inclusion and Empowerment
Workshop for 16 year olds on 'Consensus and Anti-Hierarchical Organising' workshop with Rose Music

One-on-One Mentoring

"not only a master of performance himself, he is a wizard at synthesizing a wide range of techniques... He integrates them into a approach that's playful and intuitive. From our first session, he was re-wiring my neural map without me even knowing. I would incorporate his techniques in day-to-day life or public speaking without realizing it. He was moving me to mastery without my sub-conscious or ego blocking the process. His unconventional style, spontaneous brilliance, never ending bag of tricks and approachable manner has made public speaking and performance a joy to learn rather than something to fear and avoid. He is unparalleled as a teacher and a practitioner."
Alnoor Ladha, Founder of /The Rules - Global Tax Justice/Global South Empowerment NGO
Three month 'Performance Skills' course over Skype and in person.

Reviews for Sex Worker's Opera

“One of the most important pieces of theatre you’ll see this year”
The Independent

“The biggest departure from our norm we’ve seen yet totally refreshing"

“Will no doubt leave you laughing and crying in equal measure”

“Engaging and cathartic”
Pandora Blake

"A rare opportunity to hear sex workers’ stories in their own words – not to be missed.”
The Sex Workers’ Open University

"What all great Opera should do.
Places collaboration and creativity at the heart of the process
to create an international, multimedia and cross-genre performance.”

Kate Hodson, Learning and Participation Manager, The Royal Opera House

© Alex Etchart 

Current Projects:

An Opera created and performed by Sex Workers and their friends

Theatre Reportage working alongside actors living war, occupation, oppression in the Middle East

Fire Choir by Sam Lee and the Nest Collective at the Foundling Museum in central London sing the change

Latin American Indigenous Cultural Expression through theatre music and dance